Septum Piercings.

to the question about piercing your own septum: I had my friend do mine, one of the least painful piercings I've had done! it's so easy, but you should get some septum clamps and proper hollow needles! good luck! from Anonymous

*thank you!*

I move my nose a lot -I know it's weird- but I kind of just do it. Like flare my not rails sometimes. If I got a septum would it hurt to do this? In the beginning or forever? from Anonymous

While it’s healing it would hurt, but not after! :)

I double pierced my nostril and bellybutton myself and my mom was cool with it and now I want a Medusa or septum but don't know how to ask? Should I just go behind her back again and DIY or get it professionally done with her permission? Thanks! ☺ from Anonymous

Try to get her permission!   septum piercings are very front-and-center, so if it gets infected or is crooked or something, it would be quite unfortunate!